Prior to going Primal I bought the Focus T25 program. I have only done the first 2 weeks (pre-primal) and would like to resume the program for the month of August for the following reasons:

1. Prep myself for backpacking season that will resume in September
2. Shed a few pounds before our YMCA membership resumes on 9/1, afterwhich I plan to focus on walking & weightlifting (lifting for the first time, so lots of focus and learning going on)
3. After S&H, the program cost us $143.00! I want to utilize it and not have our hard earned dollars go to waste.

I trust the developer of the program in providing a routine that not only helps to shed weight but also help to keep things somewhat toned in the process. Toning is something I am concerned about, hence the reason for focusing in on lifting in a month.

I would appreciate some suggestions on how to approach the program without going into "chronic cardio." Currently, I walk about 5,000 steps per day at work, 3-4 days per week. I would like to continue with my morning walks (about 5,000 steps, as well) at least 2-3 times per week while the weather is nice.

Thanks in advance and I apologize if this topic has been approached before, but I didn't see anything with similiar points, reasons, etc as mine so thought I would give it a go