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Thread: Request for before and after pics page

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    Request for before and after pics

    Primal Fuel

    I'm not sure who to ask about this so thought I'd post an open question.

    My name is Sarah and I work in a chiropractors practice in the UK. I am currently designing a noticeboard to promote paleo eating and getting fit. Whilst doing research I stumbled across this site. I am now 4 weeks into PBF - I was already a paleo eater. I feel great but dont have any noticeable changes in my body yet. Which leads me to the point of this post.......

    I would really like to use some of the before and after pics on this site to show our patients what is possible but I don't know whether I ask you all individually or whether I can ask those of you that are willing to post pics on here; or can I copy them from the original thread if you post permission on here?? Or am I overstepping a line (if so I apologise :-) )

    All thoughts/ideas and pics welcome!!



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    Why don't you set up a page of links for your clients to visit?

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