Forgot today was the day to kick things off so I'm behind already and then hit the road tomorrow. 102 outside, so, heading for a walk in an hour after the sun lets up.


Morning - Egg whites w/ one yolk, 1/8 cup shredded cheese, salsa, cilantro along with 1/4 cup almonds and peach.

Noon - Walnuts and diet Mt. Dew. (Excuse...forgot today was "THE" day. ) )

Evening - Grilled chicken breasts, huge salad, fresh pear.

Not enough water during day--plan to make up as much as possible this evening.

Sleep: Four of the kids had car problems, worked on it until 2am, back up at 5:30am, cat nap mid morning.

Workout: 30 - 40 minute walk, 10 minutes KB and 5 minutes heavyhands.

Other: cold shower this morning. Started with warm water, slowly cranked the temp down.