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    New from South Carolina

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    Greetings and salutations!

    I found this site while researching for the best diet plan for myself. I just started the Paleo lifestyle and am in my 3rd day.

    A little bit about myself, I grew up in Texas and was a competitive swimmer, ran track, and played football in high school. I left high school and joined the US Army, went to a lot of specialized training and such while in the Army (I lived primal through much of my time in the Army due to my specialization).

    I left the Army and that is when my weight problems started. I was so active in my teen's and 20's that I never really had to worry about my weight. But upon leaving the military I got lazy, and the lazy compounded and got even worse. I went from a combat ready 170lbs (at 5'7" tall) to a very sedentary 220lbs in just a matter of a few years. I became a police officer back in '06 and realized that I need to get back into combat fitness. One of my partners at work is a personal trainer and he turned me on to Mcguff's Body By Science, I worked hard and got down to approximately 190lbs and down to about 15% body fat, then it happened.... A young lady decided that texting on her telephone while driving her car was more important then watching the road. The resulting accident put me out of work for 6 months and required surgery for a SLAP injury (ironically the doctor told me I was so strong at the time that when I tensed up for the collision I tore my own shoulder apart). Since the injury I am back to 220lbs and am needing to get it back off.... enter primal.

    I'm looking forward to the journey, and getting back to being the primal, aggressive, alpha-male of my youth.

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    Hey ZoomCop! Welcome!!

    I'm in the Upstate of SC.

    I'm so sorry about that accident! People are so selfish these days with no regard for life around them.

    But, you're in the right place to get healthy!

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