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Thread: Primal Journal (MoniqueM)

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    Primal Journal (MoniqueM)

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    I am new here to Mark's Daily Apple.

    For the last several months I have been absorbing "The Primal Blueprint" through my husband, Dan Merk. Still wrapping up another read.

    Clearly stated, here are my goals for the 30 Day Challenge:

    1. To be aware of when I am getting uptight about things and let it go. To relax about things.

    2. To tone up using Chalene Extreme.

    3. To take part in a primal workout once a week with my fabulous husband Dan.

    Hat's off to all of you!

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    Monique!! Good to see more 90xers on here!! I'm loving this lifestyle! I'm sure you and Dan feel the same way! Keep up the great work! You guys rock!!!

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