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    Confused with figuring my target heart rate.

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    Hi All,
    I am new to the primal exercise system.
    I am 59yrs 280 lbs. 6' 2"

    When I hit the gym my 1 hour workout is 30 mins of cardio on an elliptical (knees can't take much impact anymore)
    and 30 mins of weight training on machines.

    My cardio workout on the elliptical (I wear a monitor) is that I warm up slowly over the first 5 mins til I reach 155 and then slowly creep up to 165 and hold it there for all but the last 3 mins where I turn up the resistance and hit 175 - 180.
    after ending I immediately walk laps til my rate drops to 120 before continuing my workout.

    I finish with sauna and a cool off in the pool.
    (my Dr. loved the results of my treadmill cardio test...grin)

    I now realize that I am way up in the sugar zone with my cardio and need to set a lower bpm to burn protein and fat. However the calculations put me down at less than 130 and I don't ever sweat at that level.

    I need some help with figuring out what my target range should be.
    I wish there was a better way to figure that out.
    I suspect that it may vary some based on ones cardiac health/condition/stamina...


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    Runner's trick. You can ballpark your anaerobic threshold by your ability to have a conversation. If you can do it then you are still in aerobic range. Once you have to focus too much on breathing to get out more than a word or two at a time, you are getting into anaerobic territory. Test it with your monitor on a few times and you soon won't need it any more to know.

    To burn fat stay below the anaerobic threshold. If that is your goal, anyway. There are other excellent training reasons to work at anaerobic rates sometimes too.
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    It sounds like your max heart rate is at least 180, and that is probably higher than normal for your age. I am 56 and my max heart rate is somewhere between 185-190. I personally think it is good to try to approach your max heart rate once a week -- so what you are doing sounds pretty good to me -- except I would just do that level once a week.

    I would try to stay below 150-160 most of the time.

    Edit: The targets are based on % max heart rate.
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