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    how do you eat more fat?

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    Aside from eating scoops of butter and tons of nuts how do you eat more fat?

    I eat too many carbs to still my hunger moments. I'm still trying to manage to stop the snacking but I'm nowhere near that point yet as I'm still too depended on carbs for fuel. Apparently I do not eat fat enough.
    So I need tips on how to eat enough fat.

    My ideas so far are:
    - eat more meat in general (no idea what meat would be best thought to get more fat)
    - nuts (but don't want to eat too much of that because of the high calorie content)
    - Advacado's ( I really don't like them but I could live with it through the salad or something)

    Any ideas?
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    Eggs, oily fish, coconut oil and olive oil are my main sources other than meat.

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    I like oily sardines, I like eggs covered in melted butter, I like cooking with pork lard I made myself and then I eat the cracklings from rendering the pork lard. Coconut oil and butter in my coffee on fasting days. Liver cooked in garlic butter. salmon cooked in garlic butter. garlic butter with a spoon. Roasted marrow bones sucked dry OMG is that good.
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    The fattier types of things I eat are:
    Fattier cuts of meat from grassfed cows such as Beef shanks, short ribs or brisket (minimally trimmed) or chuck/shoulder roast
    Or grassfed steaks and don't trim the fat
    Chicken wings (nom nom paleo has a good recipe for wings)
    I make a lot of salads and do a big glug glug of olive oil in it.
    Some type of curry dish with coconut milk in it. Lots and lots of options with this.

    I don't eat nuts that much. Even though they are fat, they don't seem to satisfy my hunger.

    Mark has a recipe for beef shanks in one of his cookbooks called something like "Shanks alot Bruce". I've made it multiple times and love it. Melissa Joulwan has a good short rib recipe in WellFed1. I make that pretty often also.

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    Do you drink hot coffee or tea? If so, a half tablespoon of butter or coconut oil (or more) per cup isn't a lot per day, but it adds up over time.

    You can kind of see which meats are fattier by looking, but anything "loin" is probably going to be lean. Sardines and salmon are good, but white fish (though healthy for other reasons) are pretty low in fat.

    Do you eat dairy? Full fat dairy packs a pretty good fat punch.

    Egg yolks - mixed into a salad, put into a cup of broth, over almost any kind of meat. Make up a big batch of baked scrambled eggs with herbs and some parmesan, then cut it into squares and freeze what you can't eat in a day or two. They defrost quickly and taste really good cold/room temp.

    The thing with eating too many carbs to still your hunger moments is that you're not really stilling them - you're setting yourself up to be hungry again in a couple of hours. Canned fish, hard boiled eggs, cold chicken - if you want to eat those when you perceive hunger, then you're probably really hungry. If you're jonesin' for something sweet, it's probably more of a habit than the need for food.
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    Don't forget pork ribs also. Here is a recipe from Alton Brown. It's so good you'll freak out. It's a little labor intensive but well worth it.
    Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network

    My husband makes this a lot. He suggests a smaller rack of ribs though like 2.5 pounds (sometimes hard to find.) And also cut the salt in half. When he made it the first time, it was pretty salty.

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    I drink a keto coffe in the mornings - coffee, 2 tbs coconut milk, 1 tbs coconut oil. It's around 94-95% fat at 178 calories. I mix it in my ninja so it's nice and frothy.
    If I can't get my hands on full fat greek yogurt, I will eat sour cream sweetened with just a couple drops of vanilla stevia. 1/3 cup of sour cream, a few wild blueberries, 1 tbs of chopped nuts is around 200 calories with about 83-85% fat.
    Oh, and bacon, glorious bacon
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    If you are getting hungry too much try more protein actually. I have recently added 50 additional grams of protein each day over the approximately 100 I was getting before and I have to say that I'm getting to the point where I never want to eat anything. (Someone suggested I'd be less sore all the time from weight lifting if I got more protein so that's why I did this.)
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    I've found the trick to eating more fat is to eat it with other things. A piece of butter on its own is somewhat unpalatable, but butter together with meat on the same fork is pleasant. So if you want to eat more fat, try eating it together with whatever else you're eating.

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    If you eat fewer carbs, you'll lessen your hunger. Adding fat on top of carbs is a recipe for disaster.

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