I started the 21 day challenge yesterday. I had read up all weekend and stocked up on my primal food supplies. I was so excited to get started. I can't say that I've EVER been excited about a lifestyle change. My challenge in the 21 day challenge book for yesterday was to rid my kitchen of SAD foods and replace them with primal foods. To be honest, I will miss my chick peas the most. I couldn't imagine a salad without them! But I got some sunflower seeds to replace them, hoping that might do the trick.

That brings me to the food!! What a delicious day of fresh and fantastic flavors!! I never knew eggs could taste so good. All I've ever had were the typical factory farmed eggs from very mistreated chickens. What a difference roaming chickens can make! And the grain fed beef. It practically melted under the knife. My husband has absolutely no complaints with my meal plans with this new way of eating. He was in seventh heaven with his dinner. And with all the great recipes and meal ideas out there, I know the only way I can get bored with the food is through a complete lack of adventure or creativity.

My exercise challenge was simple - explore ways to fit more movement into my day. I took a walk around town at lunch and I paid attention to when my thoughts started to wander at work. I took that as a sign to get up and move around a bit. So I had several more little activity breaks throughout the day than usual.

Overall, I'm counting Day One in my Primal Adventure a total and complete success!!

Can't wait to see what Day Two holds for me!