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Thread: A few basic questions....

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    A few basic questions....

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    New to PB and would like to know some more about the following:

    Is it common to not be as "hungry" at different times of the day? I've noticed this in just the last couple of days and I'm still working out, chores, etc.

    Do I need to stay on or get off my vitamins (currently on b,c,multi,msm for joints,fish oil)?

    Sweet potatos, Corn (on cob or popped-this is from my wife)??

    Do any of you indulge in a meal once a week that is not PB approved...such as pizza, mexican, etc? I don't want to get flamed for this but while dedicated I don't want to give up pizza for the rest of my life. But I can live with only having something once a week that isn't exactly paleo based. Please discuss.


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    If you are hungry, your body will let you know. If you are not hungry, don't eat until you are. I let my body decide.

    I'm still taking a multivitamin and fish oil. Gives me tons of extra energy

    I'm not sure about the sweet potatoes or corn

    I indulge about once every two weeks with some Thai Food (Masaman Curry, Chicken, peanuts, potatoes, onion, and rice) but my hubby is getting burnt out on Thai Food so we might get something else from now on.
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    Diminished hunger is definitely a nice side effect of eating the PB way. Fat and protein are simply more satiating than carbs. And More nutritious to boot, so they are better at eliminating any cravings that might be caused by that.

    I'm defer to cillakat on the vitamins, heh. I think I've read that she recommends seperates over multis though.

    Sweet potatos are great, although you may wish to eat them moderately or not at all if you're looking to drop weight. Corn not so much. It is a grain and grains are NOT for human consumption. NEVER eat corn oil. See the following posts:

    (all that being said, I *might* eat one ear of fresh corn this summer when I go to visit my family in Virginia. There's a field of it outside the cabin up there :-)

    I don't cheat very often at all. My "cheats" are usually when I eat out (as seldom as feasible) and I know that whatever I order was probably cooked in some type of vegetable oil :-(. I think less seldom "cheating" is better. Once a week seems much too frequent. Maybe save it for special occasions if you MUST have pizza. Or better yet, cauliflower-crust or meat-crust (meatza) pizza!!!

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