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Thread: PRIMAL snacks HELP NEEDED!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherryl View Post
    Where do you guys find pork rinds that are not loaded with crud????
    what exactly do you mean by crud? pork rinds are fried in their own fat, so ingredient list should be "pork skin, salt"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnivore View Post
    Mostly I just eat leftovers for "snacks" but I will also eat some buffalo jerky, a hard boiled egg, or a handful of nuts if leftovers aren't available.
    Ditto. I don't eat much snacks but when I do it is often a small amount of nuts, hard boiled eggs, celery with nut butter...

    A primal smoothie is a great choice. Little fruit, your favorite greens, little whey, healthy fats such as coconut milk or avocado or cacao nibs.
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    I'm digging pork rinds lately. Funny, as a kid I thought they were just bacon flavoured "chips", along the same line as a cheezie or something.

    I had my 9 year old daughter kind of digging the taste, then she googled pork rinds and watched a video on how they make them. Time to cut that kid's internet access OFF. ha ha

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    I eat dry roasted nori--you can find little snack packs at Asian grocery stores--they really hit the spot if you have salty/crunchy cravings. I used to have cravings a lot but now after a month of no grains the urge to snack has completely disappeared. Nori is a great source of iodine and has zero carbs.

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    If you are not sure you should snack and want ammunition, read the book "Mastering Leptin". Lots of biochemical pathways and other data to prove that snacking is a bad idea.

    If you need more food before working out, he'd probably recommend making the previous meal larger.

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