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    "Atkins Attitude"

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    Has anyone ever experienced low mood - akin to depression - when switching to primal/low carb? I have come across this "well-known" side-effect of limiting carbs, but it seems to me it's one researcher's creation and may not be real at all.

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    Yeah at first it was one I had to deal with but then I suffer from depression in many forms and ways. Once your body becomes more fat adapted it should level out. Once you have been at this a while you become healthier and things just feel better but since they want you to think that low carb is always going to be like this, the anti paleo crowd just claims this as a huge problem.
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    Realistically, you don't have to go through a very low carb phase when switching over. So you can skip that to start, and maybe forever. However, your body will adapt if you stick it out.

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    Nope....for those who do its just the removal of an addiction leading to such feelings.

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    For me, it was the opposite. I was prone to depression and low mood when eating carbage. I have not had any depressive episodes since I cut those out and went generally low carb.

    I have noticed a bit of low mood after the rare occasion when I give in to social pressure and consume bad sweets, but that could just be a general malaise from the processed carb overload.

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    Also, getting the "keto flu" while your body is adapting to the use of ketones can causes issues like this. It will take some time and make sure you are refeeding.
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    I can't even understand...what kinda is?

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    yes, I have not had any depressive episodes since I cut those out and went generally low carb.thanks

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    I actually had the opposite reaction as well. Just before I started living a primal lifestyle I was in a very low place emotionally. The past few years I have felt normal. No, better than normal. I recognized how much better I felt physically but never realized how much it effected my emotional health until a recent vacation. I was away for a week with friends. I tried to eat as primal as I could but I didn't want to inconvenience the others so I just went with the flow. It's vacation right?? I can just take a few days without worry right? Well I don't know if it was the desserts they made or the wine we drank but after a week I came home and hit a wall. For days I laid in the bed with feelings I haven't had in years. I couldn't convince myself to even go for a walk much less go to the gym, all things I usually love to do. I was consumed with dark thoughts. I am slowly coming around since I have been home and back to eating right.
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    I transitioned with roots and fruits because I could just not do the low carb thing at the beginning. After two years I'm able to mainly eat meat and veg but I still use carbs occasionally - just not from grains or sugar.

    However the low carb flu was no way as bad as the mood disaster that was the high sugar/processed food diet.

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