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Thread: Primal convert

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    Hi Guys,

    I am finaly ready to take the plunge & go primal! Having bought Marks book about a month ago I have been avidly reading all I can, checking out this site & trying out the PB lifestyle to some degree. Not only have I found the PB lifestyle to be easy to follow, I have also lost about 10lb! Well, thats me sold...

    At 36 years of abuse & about (now) 20lb heavier than I would like, I am gonna go for this lifestyle full on.

    As an ex-competative powerlifter, I have had my share of injuries, I can relate to (almost) everything I have read so far & I can see the wisdom in the 10 primal laws.

    So here's me sayin hello & hoping to be with you all as I get to be where I want to be with my health & fitness

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    Welcome! :-)

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