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    I got accused of fat loving...

    Primal Fuel
    Before cleaning my diet and improving my daily habits, my relatives (my wife in particular) would always make comments about my love of fat (butter, olive oil, creamy fatty french cheeses, rillettes, meats, and gasp! Nutella). Especially cheeses and butter. I would spread thick layers of both on some toasted country bread slice even at breakfast (on days when I would eat breakfast, I would also have some corn-flakes and sugary muesli type with chocolate chips and milk, more bread with butter and jam, etc). So my wife would look at me indulging and would say "ts ts ts, maybe you should just have the toast without anything he ? just maybe ... ".

    Oh man did I enjoy the day I discovered wheat and bread were just crap foods! She would not believe me for a while. I would keep the butter and cheese, but without the bread. And look at now, she's doing the same

    Ah the sweetness of victory over the wife, tastes 1000 times better than sugar

    Of course, this thread is not serious (even though the events above were real) ...

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    Ahhhh, fat. If there isn't enough fat in a given meal, a spoonful of stored bacon grease might go down the gullet.

    Sometimes when I want a teensy "dessert" in a restaurant, I sprinkle stevia on a pat of butter. Or two or three.

    Also, will use a handy spatula* to consume all the yummy, fatty sauces from my plate.

    *My tongue at home, my finger elsewhere (when I can get away with it.)

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    The best is when family members cut the fat off everything they eat and throw it on my plate, all the while reaching for another hunk of bread and blaming my "good genes" for my ability to eat plates full of steak, chicken and vegetables and stay so thin

    Edit: And "fatty undercooked" bacon, lots and lots of seared bacon!!!!
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    My roommate, with whom I had just discussed the saturated fat myth the day before, looked on in horror as I poured the grease from the skillet onto my plate of bacon and eggs. I already got him hooked on grass fed beef instead of factory dreck, I'll get him to love saturated fats eventually!

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    I use fats for cooking and eat fat that comes in my meat but I don't go out of my way to eat extra. Such is life for old short ladies.
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    If the meal has been too lean, spreading butter on a slice of roast beef can fix that.

    There's a leisurely dining restaurant my boyfriend and I eat at where they bring a basket of wonderful bread (or so they say) and a crock of butter and let you "enjoy" it for an extended period of time before they finally start bringing food. I ask for my own crock of butter and nibble out of that while I wait.

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    In times of desperation I've been known to "fix" nonfat store-bought kefir by pouring manufacturing cream into it. Many of my friends are now shunning the pre-meal breadbasket at restaurants, but I still get howls when I collect their butter-pats and "dispose" of them.
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    Frenchfry how are you eating your fatty french cheeses? My son is mostly not eating bread but he still loves fatty rich cheese, last night for dessert he had Cambozola and white nectarines, he ate the cheese with a butter knife.
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    I love this thread for the humor! That other one was getting to heavy for me. Anyway, I don't add extra fat to my stuff, but I love bacon!

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    nothing better than a nice cooked steak finished off with a dob of butter so it melts into the creases..

    Maybe a nice pice of rendered pork skin ... or chicken crackling! Thats pretty good too...

    I can't believe I used to eat rice cakes with margarine, and my only concern was the fat content. How sad

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