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Thread: Skipping breakfast thyroid\metabolism page

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    Skipping breakfast thyroid\metabolism

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    Hey guys still new to a lot of these concepts and have been able to shake off most of my prior beliefs in CW, but I am still troubled by the idea of skipping breakfast. I feel like every place I read, not just CW hotspots, claim that breakfast is CRUCIAL for keeping metabolism elevated as well as thyroid. I read all over the place lines like " People who skip breakfast are much more likely to gain fat". What gives?

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    Interesting...I feel like I've gained fat since I stopped eating breakfast (started eating it again yesterday) and I suspect I have thyroid issues. Curious to read what others have to say.

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    I'm just starting to get my thyroid issues looked at, but I've been in the habit of skipping lunch, and often breakfast. So far no negative effects. The scale went down a tad (yay!) so I'm gonna stick with this.

    I did just finish breakfast today. On weekends I have the time for it, and it's probably good to change up the routine once in a while. Probably will skip lunch and do a late dinner.

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    My understanding from the "breakfast is essential" camp is that, by going such a long period of time without food, your body goes into starvation mode, storing fat away in case a famine is imminent. Like most things CW, this is based on studies finding that people who ate breakfast lost more weight than those who didn't. But correlation is not causation.

    IF has been more rigorously tested than "six-meals-a-day" (although still not enough), but so far the results look promising. Unlike CW would have you believe, you are highly unlikely to reduce your metabolism and start storing fat away during a short-term fast (i.e. skipping breakfast). Instead, doing long-term caloric restriction will impact your metabolism negatively, the type of thing suggested by most nutritionists although Ancel Keys found it to be devastating in The Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

    I have found that I can put off eating indefinitely every day and have no hunger issues until I start eating again. So I can eat breakfast in the morning and end up starving before lunch time is even here (reminds me of my 6-meal-a-day years). Or I can have a cup of coffee, be fine until lunch, eat a big bowl of salad or soup, and eat a ginormous dinner when I get home.
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    I have thyroid issues still in the process of being worked out, but I actually do much better when I don't force myself to eat breakfast. I generally don't start getting hungry (winter feeding schedule) until 11 or 12. In the summer, I'm all about the one meal day, because that's all I'm hungry for. I've noticed my metabolism and thyroid issues starting to behave when I eat only when I'm actually hungry, and I'm very rarely hungry for breakfast. Lost about 10 lb, so I'm sticking with the no breakfast because it's working.
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    Whenever I eat my breakfast (be it at 6am or 6pm), I sense my bowels moving and it feels like the engine is starting. I think there might be some truth to it. My body temperature goes up, too. Whatever the case may be, extreme IF'ing (forcing yourself to one meal a day) is also not the answer.
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    I normally wake up hungry. Going primal hasn't changed that. If I try to ignore the hunger, I get sick to my stomach so I just go with the flow and get some thing to eat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikebike View Post
    I normally wake up hungry. Going primal hasn't changed that. If I try to ignore the hunger, I get sick to my stomach so I just go with the flow and get some thing to eat.
    2nd this...I always eat breakfast because im usually hungry in the morning and then most of the time I skip lunch..this works just fine for me...however, not everyone is like that..basically my rule is eat when hungry, don't when it morning, afternoon or night. I think the whole PB look at not eating breakfast is more about that you don't HAVE to (like CW wants you to believe) but it doesn't mean you can't.
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    Yeah, I'm wanting to learn more about this too. One thing that I've come across is that fasts are not always good for people who have adrenal issues, and a lot of people who have thyroid issues have adrenal issues. But everybody is different. I've read that you'll know if going without breakfast or fasting is not for you, as it's more than tummy grumbles that you feel: dizziness, panicky/anxiety, light-headedness, inability to concentrate, etc. I think I read that somewhere here on this site... sorry I don't know where. Good luck!

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    I sometimes skip breakfast because I would rather get the extra 30 mins of sleep haha. I'm happy with how the PB has helped me shed the fat I was never quite able to lose when I was eating CW and doing two a days (lift in morning / run in afternoon). It makes sense now.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of skipping breakfast and just living off coconut oil/milk during the day (and maybe a breve latte some days) and eating two meals after I work out and come home from work. Will this help me lean out some more or will it make me feel like complete ass? Only one way to find out haha.

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