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    Two year Primalversary

    Primal Fuel
    It's two years since I found out about the Primal lifestyle and jumped right in. Unlike any other "diet" this truly has become a way of life for me.

    I now know the difference between food and non-food - and prefer the real food hands down. Why wouldn't I? It clearly makes my body function better in every way, and it tastes over-the-top better too.

    I have more energy for the adventures that come along in life, and more patience for the challenges. I always thought these were predominantly character qualities but I've found they sure come a lot more easily when the physical body is running well. This revelation makes me look at a whole lot of things differently now.

    Who else has been running with this for couple of years or more? Are there more benefits that accrue the longer you persevere?

    And if you're just starting out, please be encouraged you're on a wonderful journey.

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    Me too, 2.5 years or so. Best move. I can't say it's 100% Primal Blueprint because I don't care about the carb curve for example, I'll have 1/3 of my foods as starches and fruits at least. I also IF more than recommended by the PB but I ended up with my own template of a healthy lifestyle. My job is quite unhealthy though (IT dev, office work) but I manage to get around that one.

    Forgot to add: best thing is that I help other family members in need.
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    Congratulations, Annie!

    Two years next month for me.

    Some benefits. Fewer anxiety/panic attacks - in fact no full-blown panic attacks in ages. I didn't realize it, but a friend asked me about my knees and wrists, and though they were never terribly painful, and only occasionally ache-y, there's no pain ever. Well, I'm a klutz, so there's pain if I run my knee into something, but not just joint ache for no reason.

    For me, once I started looking into the issue of ethically raised food, it was like coming out of a dimly lit room. Though I was never a big fast-food eater just for the ick taste, like most people, I went to my local mega-mart to stock up my fridge and freezer. I thought the whole organic thing was for vegetarians and hippies. And I was oblivious to what was going on in CAFOs.

    If nothing else, learning about our food source gave me a new way to "rage against the machine." I'd estimate that 90% of my food dollar is spent on food that is produced by small producers in my state and the bordering states. I'd have to look at my cc statement to even remember the last time I was at a traditional grocery store.

    So while I'm not sure that I have a lot of community spirit (I still suck at that), I do feel like I'm part of a movement that in some small way is telling BigFood to go shove it where the sun don't shine. And that makes me feel very good, indeed.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


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    Really only about 1.5 years for me, but this is still the longest I have "stuck with" any sort of "diet program." I have allowed more of the 20% in lately, but still no on the gluten grains, legumes, etc. I can proudly say I have not eaten a bagel in nearly 2 years. Of course, I have allergies encouraging that.

    Sticking with it, though. It is nice to still fit in my clothes. It's a good weight/size maintainer, even if it's 80/20.
    Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

    Start Gluten-Free/Soy-Free: December 2012; start weight 158lbs, Ladies size 6
    Start Primal: March 2013, start weight 150lbs, Ladies size 6
    Current: 132lbs, Ladies size 2

    26lbs lost since cutting the crap.

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    I can only imagine what 2 years out is going to look like. Thanks for being an inspiration.
    Not all changes lead to progress. But progress is impossible without changes.

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    Awesome Annieh! I have also been strictly paleo for about 2.5 years. I have no intention of ever going back! I found out about this way of living after researching reasons why I was tired all the time. I am a teacher and I never had enough gas in the tank for my own kids at the end of the day. That is so not the case now. My co-workers think I am hyper. Nope...just energetic.

    The only challenges I have found are socially. The in laws love to give me a hard time. They think eggs are cholesterol bombs. I was at a gathering recently when a friend was trying to convince me to eat the pie. I try not to draw attention but all of a sudden the questions were, "why can't you eat it?" "Are you sick or something?" " you don't need to be on a diet" I politely stated that I don't eat grains or sugar. The response was, "well I plan to eat pie and die happy." The funny part is that I am happier than ever!

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    Congrats to you! I've been here for almost four years now and will never revert or switch to any other way of eating - I love being able bodied and healthy, and would much rather be paying buttloads of money for good, clean, delicious food rather than for doctor's visits and pills in an attempt to fix what's wrong with me as a result of the crap I'm a-shovelin' in!

    I've always enjoyed your posts and what you contribute here, always viewed you as one of the many success stories here that are so valuable as they inspire and encourage so many. I hope you continue to reap the benefits and feel even better every day. Here's to many more years of the good stuff!
    Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

    - Robert Louis Stevenson

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    4yrs primal with a couple of on/off paleo before that.

    Just seems completely natural to me now. Anything made from grain no longer looks like food to me in the slightest, it's been a total change of mindset.

    Edit: Actually, Just realised that I discovered TPB 4 years ago this month :-)
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    If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    I'm right there at 2 years with you AnnieH and agree with your assessment. At age 66 I feel so much better & younger, more energy, weight down about 60 lbs, waist down almost 10 inches. I'm back to my weight my sr. year in high school.
    What's not to like? Primal worked for me, it was easy to do. Why would I ever consider giving it up.

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