Hey all,

I'm re-posting my question with a different heading in hopes of getting some more insight (though, I am very appreciative of the replies I've received thus far! I also added a couple more questions...

I am exhausted! I'm wondering if any of you might provide some insight. I received some blood test results which look like they require further tests. Here are the results which are out of range (reference ranges are in parentheses):

S-T3-V (FT3) 3.4 pmol/l (3.5-6.5)
P-TSH 1.86 mU/l (0.3-4.2)
P-T4-V 13 pmol/l (9-20)
30/03/2010: Thyroid peroxidase antibody level POSITIVE 43Gd.00

B-Leuk 3.5 E9/l (3.4-8.2)*
B-Eryt 3.9 E12/l (3.9-5.2)
B-Hb 115 g/l (117-155)
E-MCHC 319 (320-363)

*This has gone down from 5.5 in Aug.08. Still just in normal range, but it's interesting because it might indicate the type of anemia I have.

P-Kol (I think this means total cholesterol) 6.0 mmol/l (<5)
P-LDL lask 3.6 mmol/l (<3)
fP-Trigly 0.4 mmol/l (0.5-2.6)

So, it looks like I'm hypothyroid, I have anemia, and I have high cholesterol. I'll be seeing my doctor about these results next week, but I have a few questions from the wise and informed people on this forum:

Indeed, I have antibodies to my thyroid. Anyone know what 43 Gd.00 means?!

I'm breastfeeding and I lift weights. Am I making the anemia worse? What are people's experiences with anemia?

What's up with the low triglycerides? Is it a problem??? Do they somehow balance out the high LDL?