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Thread: Past and present life expectancy question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazybastard View Post
    This doesn't make any sense. You restrict yourself of all sorts of delicious foods, based on optimism?
    This here is nothing but a cult, a religion. Flawed in all sorts of ways.
    I'm out of here.
    After only a few posts, you can to this conclusion? Doubt you came with an open mind to begin with, that being the case.

    Think on this:

    Female Menopause. This doesn't come on until beginning around 40-50+ years depending on the individual's biological clock. If people did not live long enough to go through this, we would never have evolved the mechanism to wind down our childbearing abilities. Women past childbearing can take on more responsibility in child rearing. They can hunt for food, watch over the older children for their daughers, etc.

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    centenarians in this article.
    i immediately thought of these people when i read the OP's comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazybastard View Post
    Always the fucking same. If you can't defend yourself, the other one is a troll. Pathetic.

    I do believe in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle and so one. But saying paleo is the ultimate healthy lifestyle is beyond my imagination.
    Pffttt. Whatever dude. You asked a legit question "How come people in the past didn't live longer than people now?" and people were kind enough to reply with sound and reasoned answers/arguments demonstrating that DIET is not to blame for the lower life expectancy of our ancestors.

    People pointed out that infant mortality is included in life expectancy and this skews the results. Why? Because infant mortality has been GREATLY reduced and nearly eliminated in the modern world.

    Others argued that, in the past, people were much more likely to die from injuries or infections that today are minor annoyances. It was a more dangerous time. If you twist an ankle today you just need to rest it for a few days. This same injury in the paleolithic past would be much more likely to result in your death. Other injuries/illnesses fall under the same argument.

    Point out the flaws in these arguments. Best of luck. Especially considering the first one is a fact.

    You do not show the same respect and courtesy that is given to you. Instead, you just decree these well reasoned arguments are "assumptions" and "dogma". Give me a break.

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    i don't think you guys have to worry about proving anything to this guy. let him go back to the place he came!

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