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    Can ketosis help me repair digestion/gain weight/clear brain fog?

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    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a lot of optimism about using this lifestyle to restore my health but also have a lot of questions. I was born with scoliosis and had a spinal fusion early in my childhood. I'm 22 now. At 18, I began experiencing many strange symptoms like anxiety attacks, unrefreshing sleep, brain fog/difficulty retaining new information, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, pounding heart, bloating after any carb intake, excess appetite/always hungry after eating. I never ate sweets in my childhood and would even repent at the thought of cake on my birthday but now I was eating eight doughnuts in one sitting. I've always been extremely skinny and always had an extremely fast metabolism in my childhood. All of my symptoms seem to have started after heavy stimulant use (many cups of coffee, nicotine) and daily marijuana use.

    Now I want my health back and I'm willing to do anything to attain it. How and when will I know if this is the correct lifestyle for me? Are probiotics overrated or are they necessary for top-notch digestion? How about fiber? Do you recommend going no carb in the first few days to attain ketosis faster? Any specific meal plans or staples to include in my diet? Any insight is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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    If you are underweight, I would not suggest ketosis. It does not sound like what you need.

    Have you seen a doctor about all of this? I know this might sound dismissive, but with all of those symptoms together, it doesn't sound like a non-serious state of health.

    It kind of sounds like you have celiac, so I hope at the very least you are avoiding grains esp. gluten-containing grains.

    I'd suggest you start with grain-free and do not restrict caloric or macronutrient intake. See how things go with plenty of meats, fruits, tubers, and veggies. And start to ease back on all of the stimulants if you have not already.
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