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Thread: Beef tongue? Beef tongue! (ewwwwww.....)

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    Cow tongue is the bomb! As a student, I always went out of my way to get it (dirt cheap per pound compared to other cuts).

    Really delicious way to prepare it:

    1) Boil the living daylights out of it in salted water with some pepper corns and a bay leaf for 3 hours minimum
    2) Let it cool down
    3) Peel the skin off
    4) Slice
    5) In a large pot, sautee garlic and then some tomato in olive oil or lard
    6) Add the tongue in, along with salt and pepper
    7) Add a few glasses of white wine and chopped fresh parsley


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    NomNomPaleo uses tongue, here's a link:

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    I scrape off the pale layer under the membrane with a spoon because I don't like to look at the taste buds. You could try shredding it; lengua makes awesome tacos.
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    Dont give up on the tongue yet!!

    Being as apprehensive as you were, I'm surprised more people didn't implore you to avoid a straight presentation on tongue! It does take some getting used to for many!

    Give it another shot, but this time after cooking let it cool in fridge....slice it very very thin and season lightly. Get a couple slices of nice rye bread (I know, I know...its not primal...but this is a transitory thing!) and grill them in pan with a little butter. Put some of your favorite mustard on both sides and then put the tongue on. You could add some swiss cheese too.

    Basically, the rye and the mustard are some distinct, familiar flavors that set off the gaminess of the tongue and complement it well. Much easier to appreciate than diving straight into an inch thick piece of tongue!

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    I just cooked one in a crockpot.!!! Sooo tender and juicy and the flavor rivals the best cuts if not better IMO. Mmmm.... Bon appetit!

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    I usually refuse to eat something that has been in someone else's mouth...

    Tongue is a big thing in Germany and was the staple food for Christmas dinner with my German family. The first time it was set in front of me I nearly ran off to the toilet gagging. I really like the taste of it now, but still squirm a little at the sight of it, and I'm not squeamish about most things. For me, it's much better when cut into small strips or pieces and included into a stew of some kind...

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    I couldn't eat that, I can be a bit squeamish, but have eaten and liked a few things most people won't eat. We used to get deli counter tongue in the uk that was nice. Black pudding too.

    Cooking and eating that, not happening.
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    Guess what I have brining in the fridge right now? I'll let you know how it turns out!
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    Cool. Good stuff!

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    yep. Good stuff. Great on sandwitches.

    I smoke it then cook it in a pressure cooker.

    Its good pre cooked then grilled too.

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