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    What's the hardest food you gave up?

    Primal Fuel
    When I switched to Primal, for me it was Skippy peanut butter. I loved that stuff and I used to make an awesome peanut butter omelet.

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    The Champagne of Beards

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    I haven't given anything up, just massively cut down on a lot of less-than-optimum stuff.

    The hardest? My mother's home-made cakes especially fruit cake. But I have a couple of slices a year so i'm still happy.

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    cereal. ugh. now I want cereal.

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    chocolate. my tummy doesn't get along with chocolate.
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    I haven't given anything up. I eat certain things way less often than I used to, but if I really want pizza from that amazing wood fired place or some organic natural peanut butter, I eat it. unless you have a serious medical issue and absolutely must avoid a certain thing, it really isn't the end of the world to eat if every so often. hell, mark's actual primal blueprint diet calls for 80/20 adherence. so for every 20 meals you eat each week, 4 of them can be non-primal friendly and you can still consider yourself perfectly primal (by definition)

    that being said, I make a point of avoiding wheat, soy, and veggie/seed oils about 99.999% of the time
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    Pie. Apple pie. Chocolate cream pie. French silk pie. Peach pie. Blackberry pie. You get the idea.

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    The only thing I have truly given up is making sourdough: bread, pizza dough and focaccia. I will occasionally eat some if i'm somewhere that has exceptional quality but there's no where near me that meets that standard so it's pretty easy to avoid.
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    Beer, bagels, chocolate croissants, Japanese tempura and tonkatsu

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    Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? I'd still eat it if it weren't a nightmare for my gut.

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