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Thread: Primal Journal Challenge (ArborealFish)

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    Here are my goals for the month:

    1. Sleep earlier and get up earlier

    2. Spend some time sprinting, crawling, swimming and lifting heavy objects and maintain current exercise level

    3. Eat some wild plants everytime I go out

    4. Stop eating after dark and listen to hunger cues better.

    5. Climb a tree or do something physical/intricate before I eat to make me work for my food and deter me from eating unneeded boredom food.

    6. Slow down at eating and cook sensible sized portions

    7. Eat less high processed foods

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    Day 1:

    Woke up at 8.

    Spent the day climbing trees with a good friend.

    Found a very fruitful blackberry bush and ate from it.

    Stopped myself from eating late at night.

    Went to bed at 11:45

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