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Thread: Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?

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    Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?

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    Interesting summary of various diets:

    Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?

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    Answer: yes

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    Can we say what diet is best for health? If diet denotes a very specific set of rigid principles, then even this necessarily limited representation of a vast literature is more than sufficient to answer with a decisive no. If, however, by diet we mean a more general dietary pattern, a less rigid set of guiding principles, the answer reverts to an equally decisive yes.
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    Dr. Katz writes a lot. I dig his overall sentiment, but his NuVal system adopted widely in my area still penalizes beef, eggs, and butter. Most Primal folks credit these foods with satiety and health so I feel like nutrition won't move forward until this cholesterol/SFA zombie is somehow laid to rest.

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    I think this paragraph from the final discussion section of the article more or less sums it up:

    The aggregation of evidence in support of (a) diets comprising preferentially minimally processed foods direct from nature and food made up of such ingredients, (b) diets comprising mostly plants, and (c) diets in which animal foods are themselves the products, directly or ultimately, of pure plant foods—the composition of animal flesh and milk is as much influenced by diet as we are (31)—is noteworthy for its breadth, depth, diversity of methods, and consistency of findings. The case that we should, indeed, eat true food, mostly plants, is all but incontrovertible. Perhaps fortuitously, this same dietary theme offers considerable advantages to other species, the environment around us, and even the ecology within us (136).

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