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    Under Active Thyroid

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    Hi there,

    I am only new to this Forum but here goes....I was diognosed with Hypothyroidism 16 years ago and have had big problems ever since. Last Thursday my doc said you need to go on a low carb diet so yr meds work as he is trying to get me of grain 6 thyroid extract, he said my bloods are coming back that I am toxic and that the long term affects are great my organs. He has put me on thyroxin 30mm and T3 the end of January he changed my meds to higher thyroxin 150mm & T3 9mm withing 2 weeks I crashed and burned with chronic fatigue, hair & Eye lashes fell out.....nails split and bleed and I could not get out of bed, now this is day 4 on new meds which is lower than before so i was very nervouse but the difference is he said you hv a metabolic disorder and and you hv an infalmed body.....this has been with you from the time you where young ( I was 150klo's my whole life) lost all the weight but had to starve myself to keep it of...I am now on day 4 of this way of eating and new lower thyroid meds and I feel like the diet has been the key to unlock my seems to me the diet has been the biggest break through I have had.....I am sleeping better my bowls are working for the first time in my this the missing link? Inge

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    Unfortunate that he changed two things at once (lowered your meds & changed your diet).

    A little iodine (Iodoral or Lugols) & selenium may help your thyroid.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better with a cleaner diet. Stick with it and see how it goes. Sadly, science has missed the link. Time magazine has an article that discusses why fats were vilified. Unfortunately, the author didn't explain why most liquid oils are unhealthy. Gary Taubes lays it out in his books "Good Calories Bad Calories" and "Why We Get Fat."

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