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Thread: Hi Friends....

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    Hi Friends....

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    Hi I'm soran from small Island in Indonesia..I have problem with my weight, so I want to change my diet, I found this forum in google search and I hope can learn from here to changing my diet.


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    Welcome and good luck!
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    Welcome and greetings

    The forum is a good place to get really confused so before you try learning about eating paleo from this lot of nutters, I suggest you read a lot of the articles and how to's that can be found on the front page of Mark's Daily Apple under the "start here" button.

    also Home is a great place to go as is and

    Read everything you can and then ask questions here.

    However to help you better those of us that try will need to know about you. Introduce us to your story and lets see what we can do for you.
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