Day 0
4:36 p.m.

Several months ago I was doing primal but a recent family problem cropped up and I got away from the lifestyle, adding back the twenty pounds I had lost. After a carb-laden breakfast this morning and feeling like hammered dogshit all day, I decided to return to the fold.

Tomorrow will be Day 1. Today, and maybe some of tomorrow, I will fast to get most of the bad stuff out of my system.

The next couple of days are going to be very unpleasant. Everytime I go carb-less, I get a screaming headache lasting about eighteen hours. Experience has shown that nothing can knock down the pain; I just have to grit my teeth and live with it.

I have sort of maintained my exercise program. I walk/jog four miles several times per week. I used to do free-weights, in my backyard, but I got away from that and I will have to start over. Arg. I am a barefoot/minimalist walker/jogger. Some days I walk/jog around a local school on the concrete sidewalk barefooted; on other routes I use cheap water shoes or cheap canvas sneakers depending upon the seasonal weather.

I have a pair of Vibram's FiveFingers but I am not enamored. I hate the individual toe sockets and for some reason after about two miles I get a pain in the ball of my left foot. I also have a pair of Soft Star Shoes RunAmocs with the 5 mm Vibram soles. These are by far the most comfortable shoes I own but they are loose fitting and flop around on my feet like a flag in a high wind. Most annoying. I have modified them so they are not as loose but I cannot get them to the snugness I prefer. So I just stick with the $5 water shoes and the $13 Walmart sneakers. (I keep hoping Skora {} will get their start-up shoe company going.)