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Thread: Putting on Primal Weight?

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    Putting on Primal Weight?

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    I just just went Primal a few weeks ago. My main focus is heart health, as I've been lean and have had good energy and have enjoyed many sports throughout my whole life. But, my family has a history of heart disease. I'm 37 now, and I've weighed 165 consistently since I was 16. This was achieved on a high carb diet, and with a pretty good amount of excercise.

    However, in the last couple of weeks, since going Primal, I'm noticing a couple extra pounds. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if my body has been really efficient at burning carbs, but is less so at burning fat/protein? Or, I wonder if all the very high calorie foods that I've been eating (nuts, meat, etc) are increasing my overall caloric intake as I try to keep my belly "full" and avoid feeling hungry.

    Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks in advance!

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    Fill up with more vegetables

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