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Thread: I'm going to lose 100 pounds

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    I'm going to lose 100 pounds

    Hi, I'm a 37yo mother of two, and I am going to lose 100 pounds. I started living primal in a sort of half-assed way in February and I probably lost a few pounds, but I really buckled down on May 16 (the day after my daughter's birthday party in which I loaded up on pizza and cake!) and since then I have lost almost 20 pounds. I started at about 230 and I want to get to 130, I am 5'3". I am very, very strict! I don't do 80/20 I do 100/0, at my size and my level of resitance I really can't afford any cheats and to be honest, I dont crave anything! Except macademia nuts but in the past those have stalled me so I eat very few. I eat no legumes, no grains of any kind, very little dairy (just a dash of grated cheese on my salad) and no nightshades (allergic). In the past I have lost weight on Atkins but the last time I did I stalled out completely at 199 but now I think I know why. On Atkins I ate TONS of franken foods and fake sweets - atkins bars, fake chocolates and splenda sodas. No wonder!

    I wear a very accurate pedometer (from Brookstone) every day and I get about 10k steps a day, some days more. After dinner I walk around a local outdoor shopping plaza for about 3 miles. Days when it is too hot or rainy to walk outside I go to an all night Walmart and walk until I hit 10k steps. Last week I joined a gym and I'm doing one cardio day a week, and 2 weight lifting days a week. I may add more, the gym is also good as an alternative to walking. Oh, I am an avid yoga practitioner too! Recently I've discovered I can hug my knees to my chest, and cross my legs; I wasn't able to do that a month ago

    My goals:

    lose 80 more pounds
    get a teaching certificate for yoga
    alleviate my autoimmune problems (vitiligo, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, sun allergy)
    regain my core strength (I had two c-sections)
    utilize Rolfing to help my posture and mobility

    I can't wait to post my before and afters in the success story section in 2011

    p.s. I'm open to suggestions, am I doing enough cardio? Enough weight training?

    P.p.s. just wanted to add that by late October 2011 I lost 100
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