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    Heat acclimatization

    I've been cycling as my primary mode of transportation since October. As the winter set in, I found that I was able to cope with the cold temperatures with relative ease. Now that it's getting warmer, how should I prepare for the heat of summer? Should I bundle up during the milder weather so that I can train my body to dissipate heat more efficiently, or should I get more sun exposure to trigger the normal seasonal hormonal response? I've been dreading the onset of 90 days for a while.

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    Eh, just stay properly hydrated and you'll be fine. Some people seem to tolerate heat better than others, but you'll be fine and adjust as you keep at it.

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    I'm the opposite--winter bike commutes are tough but in summer I'll go 30-40 miles for fun.

    But I doubt body temp is hackable in the way you suggest (I wish it were since I've been stuck at 96F since I can remember).

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