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Thread: Saturated fat

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    Saturated fat

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    I found this interesting ( from Dr. Davis' Heart Scan blog)

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    He can't cite research for his belief, but I agree it's interesting. He's assuming the hereditary thing from his own patients.

    Also not Dr. Harris from the PaNu blog takes him to task in a gentlemanly way and Dr. Davis never responded. IOW, he didn't monitor diets to validate his claims.
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    I'm not particularly concerned with LDL unless it is ridiculously low and full of VLDL or ridiculously high because of inflammation. Though in the case of inflammation it's not the cholesterol's fault. Saturated fat unequivocally raises HDL for everyone and that is what matters.

    LDL has to become oxidized to become dangerous and while I think that large LDL is better and high HDL is pretty important, if we are eating good primal foods and controlling inflammation it is a complete moot point.
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