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    "Carb Lover's Diet"

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    There is a new book set to come out in early August called "The Carb Lover's Diet." It is based on a theory of "resistant starch," certain carbohydrates that supposedly function essentially as fiber. Has anyone heard of this? I perused a few sample diets from their book, they call for tons of grains, pasta, etc. Ugh. I'm not sure what kind of a "diet" this even is, at it seems to be what most people eat anyway. I'm not buying the logic behind it-a carb is a carb. We all know here there is little to zero nutritional value in things like pasta and bread. Anything you can get from pasta and bread, you can get elsewhere, without the harmful stuff. That's my take on it. I've been primal for about 2 months now (with cheat days too), and I've dropped 10 pounds without trying. And even with cheating. I love it.

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    unfortunately, most people are under the impression that whole grains are very healthy. they think they need the fiber. they think it will lessen their chance of heart disease. and whole grains are marketed and advertised in such a way. so, its really not that surprising.

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    Most of the links i have found for this "diet" have ads for uncle bens rice or pasta, It's just a marketing angle for all these people to convince you to buy more garbage to make you fat and diabetic so you have to take medicine to live, and buy more medicine for the side effects of those drugs and so on and so forth (i couldn't find an infinity symbol on my keyboard)

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    Good grief. No wonder people are fat.

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    Mmm mmm nothing makes my tummy sing like bread, pasta and oatmeal. I love you, grains! What with your high-fiber goodness keeping my colon nice and clean.
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    I remember a client of mine lent me her book by Jorge Cruz, the Flat Belly Diet.. I believe it was. Anyways, he's pretty cool about the sugar...and high fat is all good with him but what TOTALLY horrified me was that he was SO anti sugar that an apple was barely allowed. For goodness sakes, as a mid afternoon snack, he recommended a small portion of Pringles. (he alsodid recommend nuts...etc...but most days, each meal was heavy on zero sugar tortillas, breads, wraps, and on and on).. so, although one would naturally get great results keeping the sugar down to 15 grams as he espouses...I thought it ridiculous that fiber rich natural foods like apples were barely recommended because of their sugar but all of these whole grain, low carb, bread products were spread throughout...yes, sugar...but still, man made and refined slightly. Some of his sample days were a joke. Some were great, but it was mostly ridiculous and so many people are praising his book like he discovered that eating higher fat was better. hmm... I believe Suzanne Somers had a great start on that too...and on and on..... oh right, and in his book, he didn't say exercise was that necessary although he did put a few diagrams in the back. I get so tired every January of new books being released and people getting suckered into purchasing them when it's just so easy. :-)

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    It seems like a new fad, based on the lastest miracle nutrient that will make your fat melt away magically.
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    Damn, looks like I need to come up with something trendy so I can make a few bucks too. How about uhhh the Styrofoam diet? Healthier than whole grains.
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