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    I second the Super Slow-body by science idea. It has the virtue of time efficiency, good muscle building, and especially safety. It has a very low injury rate. But it's tough to do by yourself; you push the muscles to momentary failure with slow movements once a week. If you can possibly swing it I'd find a trainer that knows how this works. has a link to many places around the country that train this way, or google SuperSlowZone.

    The rest of the week you use all that fabulous animal energy you're feeling having fun and not worrying one whit about "conditioning" or "burning calories!" Walk, play, bike, frolic, play frisbee, swim! Here is a link to my blog which has a bunch of links to papers, websites, etc on the slow movement weight method.

    "Functional Fitness" may well be a myth. Doug McGuff MD maintains that you may do best by doing one strength/conditioning workout per week, and SEPARATELY doing skill workouts when you're fresh. Skill training is highly specific and does not cross over to other activities very well. It makes a lot of sense to me; your brain (in particular the Cerebellum, the seat of coordination which I was cheated on genetically) tends to remember your last effort the best. If you have exhausted yourself mixing training and skill training, if you're anything like me your form pretty much sucks on that last effort and that's the one that gets programmed into the brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgerfaced View Post
    PS no one else knows, but I've started doing wall push ups in the ladies toilets..... I feel like a freak!
    I'm assuming your a female? If not, you might be right about being a freak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchhool View Post
    What benefits do you feel a Kettlebell routine gives over controlled barbell/Dumbbell movements ?
    this is really all you will need to do: [url=]Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcseacliff View Post
    this is really all you will need to do: [url=]Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out!
    Link doesn't work but if it's moving a Kettle bell at fast speeds then that won't work no, we are not working out !

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    I think you should Deadlift as this much of energy can really help you.

    Why should you deadlift?

    Well, simply put it maybe the number one exercise for the posterior chain of the human body.
    It enhances your hip, thigh and back strength along with the potential of adding some serious
    muscle to your physique. When you start a deadlift you are in somewhat of a squat position
    however knees are not at 90 degrees. Knees and hips are flexed at approximately 100 degrees
    with arms straight and pointing down. The grip you use is a personal preference, alternating,
    underhand or overhand.
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    what would be a starting weight to lift for a novice deadlifter, female, 111kg, 33 years old?

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