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    I was just wondering if there was a set number of grams of fat per day I should be shooting for. I weigh 200 lbs. not sure if that matters. I am new to this and need some advice. Thanks.

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    No, just as percentages of your caloric intake you should be taking in 70-80% of your calories from fat, and as much as possible of the rest from protein, with minimal carbs.
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    Depends on your goals.
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    Rule of thumb stuff: About 60-30-10 fats, protein, carbs, as percentage of calories.

    For weight loss with daily, significant exercise: I have found that by lower the fats and increasing the protein, I don't get as hungry. Protein IS head and shoulders above fats for satiety (and carbs the hands down worst.) My typical over weeks is 50-37-13.

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