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Thread: Goat Milk - Question

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    Hi everyone - I FINALLY found a source to deliver raw milk (I think) - as I've said before, it's like trying to have crack delivered. And the Amish guy that was arrested was delivering in my neighborhood so I understand the heightened nervousness and all.

    I went for goat as I read about more health benefits than cow. Of course I have NO info on the farm, although I can call them if I want, but that doesn't really tell much about cleanliness, etc.

    The goat milk is...good...although kind of tastes like regular supermarket milk (ack!). There is no cream on top - is that exclusive to raw cow milk?

    I hope I got the real deal, but impossible to know...what a government that illegalizes healthy food, oh well, that's another topic.

    In the meantime, I'd love to hear thoughts from others that have drunk real raw goat's milk to compare notes. Thanks!

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    raw goat milk usually will not separate into makes awesome kefir and mediocre yogurt.

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    I just wanted to elucidate a little more. Goat milk doesn't get the "cream on top" separation because the milk fat in goat milk forms much smaller clumps than in cow milk. The result is that goat milk is naturally homogenized.

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    Raw goats milk is yummy Compared to pasturised goats milk from the supermarket, I find it to be lighter and more delicate in flavour, and yeah it will never seperate into cream because of the size of the fat particles as youngblood said

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    I am hooked to raw milk goat kefir... Yummy stuff! More acidic than cow's, but goes great with walnuts and blueberries...

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    Raw goats milk tastes milder than storebought goat milk to me. I Make some super tasty yogurt out of it though, and I LOVE it.

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    I had goat milk yogurt a few years ago. Also, drank "commercial" goats' milk for a while.

    Very distinctive tast, even compared to raw cow's milk.

    Though, I can't testify to ease of digestion, I have to say that the yogurt was very enjoyable (and drinkable).

    That being said, I've read a number of sources that claim goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk.


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