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Thread: plank exercise - question

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    plank exercise - question

    Is it ok just to do the front plank and the glute plank?

    I find with the front plank, I really can do it right, and get a good ab/core workout. Same with the opposite side, the glute plank, my but, hamstrings and lower back feel worked.

    With the side plank, I cant seem to do it right, and it seems to almost cause pain in my hip. (I cant really pin point the pain, it's just there)

    So is it alright to just do the front and glute plank. Are the obliques that important?

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    I would say, if an exercise or movement causes you excruciating pain, don't do it. If you feel discomfort in your hips when doing a sideplank, trying strengthening your hips before trying them again. I'm guilty of years and years of poor posture, and now I can do side planks after loosening/strengthening my hip flexors. I hope this helps!

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    You could also try a modified side plank until you get stronger/more comfortable.

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    I have heared that using a foam roller can help with loosening the muscles and connective tissue which could aid, but as others have said you need to listen to your body and adapt the routine.
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    you can do the front plank, then move your knee to your elbow on each side in repetitions to exercise your obliques if you want to, but resting in the plank position.

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    Its not extremely painful, it's just seems like it's hurting my hip area and it's not the muscle working out pain.... I think form might have something to do with it.
    Front planks feel awesome, I love them...
    Side planks just feel uncomfortable and awkward...

    Is there a risk of imbalance if you just do front and butt planks? What role do the obliques play on your body?

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    I wish mark did vids of all the planks

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    Did somebody say plank video?

    And to the original poster, I second the suggestion to do modified side planks on your knees.
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    Al, you rock. What amazes me is the tremendous generosity you have, much like Mark Sisson, in providing lots of free material to folks. Thank you.

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    Cool video, Al! thanks.

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