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    Want to lose 20 lbs - do I have to give up Cappuccino breves?

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    I'm on week two of my 21/30 day Primal Challenge and feeling generally good, though sometimes lethargic and like a bottomless pit, requiring more food right now than I habitually eat - I realize this can happen at the beginning.

    My question is this: if I want to lose 20 lbs. (am 5'5" and shooting for 130 lbs), do I need to give up my daily, small cappuccino breve (as in, with half and half)? Although I'm eating dairy almost daily the last few days, I normally avoid it except for this silky, yummy drink in the mornings.

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    Not necessarily. Track your food and nutrients on Cover your needs first, then cut calories where unnecessary. e.g., added fat, extra snacks like nuts, etc. No reason to cut out everything you enjoy as long as you get what you need.
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