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Thread: Autoimmunity on Primal

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    Check out I believe she has managed her rheumatoid arthritis using the AIP protocol and has some good information on her site. Best to you!

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    Skye, I hope you and others here will post updates and let the board know how you do on the AIP. I am always amazed at the results I read about regularly. The lifechanging effects experienced by countless people make it seem insane that such a way of eating is questioned and argued - and, more importantly, the fact that diet can both make us sick and "cure" us. The proof is in the (dairy free for many of us) pudding! Good luck to you, I predict that you will experience an increase in health and quality of life!

    I'm curious as to the responses you might receive in answer to your question regarding resistant starch - you might want to consider asking it on the Resistant Starch thread. It's a monster, but there's one hell of a wealth of knowledge within it and quite the collection of brains to pick!
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    Thanks GoJenGo. I posted my question yesterday in the Resistant Starch thread and tatertot was quick to offer some excellent observations. Sounds like I've got some work ahead of me - balancing an unbalanced gut microbiome. I'm not even sure where to start haha.

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    I have PA and have recently started eating Primal as well. I too am interested if anyone else has had problems with resistant starch.

    So far, cutting grains, dairy, and oils has been working for me. Nightshades (not potatoes) are still in my diet, but I am going to experiment eliminating those for a time and see what happens. I have not been eating this way long, but am excited to see how things may change for me soon.

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