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Thread: Let's see your best budget primal meals!

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    When you start adding more quality fats and vegs (for example, a head of cauliflower goes a long way as a filler for meatballs, etc.), you may be surprised at how satisfied even your biggest eaters can be without the masses of food you previously put on the table when using carbs as fillers.

    My husband used to think he needed potatoes/pasta/rice and bread and just a lot of quantity before a meal was complete. That has really changed. You may actually find yourself working from the same budget, if not lower, when you stop buying processed grains, cereals, bread, and drinks. I think we are actually spending less overall now.

    Again I will stress good quality fats. When Tropical Traditions has a sale with free shipping, you can get great deals on expellier pressed coconut oil, nut butters, creamed coconut, etc. And you can stock up on that stuff easily. I got two gallons of coconut oil for $60 last month and split the order with a friend. It will take me several months to go through that, even cooking with it at every meal.

    If you garden, or have neighbors who do, take advantage of their surplus. Somebody always has extra zuchini, green beans and tomatoes around this time of year. Also look for the scratch and dent produce at the farmer's market. I often buy tomatoes that way and use them for either immediate consumption or I blanch them and peel them, then pop them in the freezer.

    Good luck!

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    Liver and onions. I can get two meals for £1.

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    I make a HUGE pot of spaghetti sauce (burger, offal, 'maters, onions, garlic, sausage, herbs and so on) and freeze it. Use it on everything-more burger/sausage, squash, broccoli, whatever.

    Or just fry it til warm, slather in sour cream, and eat. We can get nearly a month of a pot. (just my boy and I.)
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    Veggies & eggs, dude, veggies & eggs.
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    It's summer (well, here anyway) and I can go to a tuesday farmers market and stock up with enough veggies to last the week for about $30.00. Do you have any of these markets around you?

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    For me (college student), eating healthy on a budget is more about regular practices than about figuring out the exact cost per meal.

    1) Eat fruits/veggies in season.
    2) Buy fruits/veggies in season and freeze them for use the rest of the year (for example, berries are in season right now and raspberries/blueberries freeze very well, so I've been buying a ton and freezing them. They are slightly mushy when you thaw them but that doesn't bother me).
    3) Clearance/manager's specials/etc. These are bargain-priced items that only have a day or two left before the expiration date. If your fridge is reasonably cold and not too overflowing with stuff, these items usually last 1-2 days past the "use by" date on the package.
    4) Farmers markets. Usually much more inexpensive than grocery stores, and better quality food.
    5) Use the "dirty dozen" list (it was posted a while back) to know which foods are ok to buy non-organically.
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    eggs, and ground beef.
    kippered herring.
    eggs, and bacon.
    pork necks 70 cents a pound. (over roast 'em with ginger.)
    pot roasts are cheap-o, roast of your choice, sliced onions, garlic, maybe some tomatos, other spices.
    chuck steaks.
    bacon and cabbage.

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    I feed the 3 of us on about 250 or so a month, sometimes up to 300, if the pantry is low, low, low. I do roast chicken a few times a month, and make those chickens work! Roast chicken and veg for first night, roast chicken in salad or clafouti, for a couple nights after, and then make stock from the bones. I buy 10 doz eggs a month and that gets us thru--eating 3 eggs a day for me, and 4 or so for hubby in his lunches. I do pork butt a LOT--crock pot it in taco spices, have taco salads, make chili out of what is left. Pot roasts. Ground meat, canned fish, kippered herring/sardines. Stew and chili--don't be afraid of offal!

    We stretch meals with vegg and salad--and I do buy a lot of frozen veggies, just make for a better price point than fresh. I do use the dirty dozen list, and since we don't buy 'junk' our budget goes a lot farther. Talking salad--make your own dressings if you don't already. I also buy a lot in season, and I am planning on checking out 2 local farmer's markets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyMac703 View Post
    Farmers markets. Usually much more inexpensive than grocery stores, and better quality food.
    I would like to go to one of these magical places where farmer's markets are less $ than the grocery store. Every market I've been to (in CO and now NM) the stuff sold at farmer's markets is easily double what you can find in a store. And prices just go up from there. Granted the quality is definitely better, but around here it's not any cheaper.

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    Same here....but what I have found is that Asian markets (at least the big ones like Assi and H-mart) have GREAT prices on produce. Not organic, unfortunately.

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