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Thread: What ethically concerned vegans *should* eat page

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    What ethically concerned vegans *should* eat

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    I'm talking about people who are vegan because they love animals and can't bring themselves to cause the suffering or death of animals. Many vegans probably do not realize how many animals are cruelly killed in the standard production of wheat, corn, rice, soy, etc. They also, for whatever reason, seem not to widely recognize that oysters, for example, are no more sentient than potatoes.

    I can't think of a single ethical reason to prefer eating wheat to eating clams.

    Here's a list of all the commonly eaten foods I can think of whose production does not involve the suffering or intentional death of sentient creatures. What others can you think of?

    Wild mushrooms that have been foraged.
    Wild berries (or other fruits) that have been gathered.
    Oysters, clams, mussels, scallops.
    Milk from grass-fed cows (or other ruminants).
    Eggs from pastured chickens (or other fowl).
    Caviar (not sure about farmed vs. wild).
    Maple syrup.
    Road kill of any sort. (May not qualify as commonly eaten.)

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    The Earth is overpopulated with humans. The ethical thing to do, if they really want to save the planet, is to eat other humans.

    I would start with politicians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elliot View Post
    The Earth is overpopulated with humans. The ethical thing to do, if they really want to save the planet, is to eat other humans.

    I would start with politicians.
    & Lawers....
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    Most vegan diets are heavy on the starch, because, let's face it, vegetables aren't very filling. Mechanical cereal and forage production kills a lot of wildlife. The deaths are either through direct contact with a mechanical harvester, or through loss of habitat to monocultural farmland.

    I'm no farmer, but I imagine that pastured cows in most climates need supplemental feed in the winter months, which must also be mechanically harvested.

    Bottom line, no diet is innocent. But our food production and distribution system could be much more rational, with healthier outcomes for both humans and the planet.

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    Look at all the happy butterflies:


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    Eggs and dairy aren't vegan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oxide View Post
    Eggs and dairy aren't vegan.
    I think that was the point. What vegans who care about the animals should eat instead
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    i wouldnt eat people unless i really truly was starving. think of all the junk they eat!

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    I think "ethically concerned" vegans should eat what they want to. The study of ethics is so convoluted and rationalized that it's often hard applying it to real life situations. Utilitarianism is especially silly, in its effort to quantify "happiness" and then apply that to each of our actions and interactions. If you absolutely LOVE murdering people and the happiness you get from doing so is quantifiably equatable to a greater amount than the negative sums of happiness you cause others for your murderous acts then it could be considered moral and just. And of course when talking about animals the question of personhood comes up :P

    The only ethical theories that ever made sense to me were based in feminist thought. But yeah, one person's ethical schema never generalizes to the entirety of a community, and we prolly shouldn't be telling other people what they should be doing in their attempts to live morally sound lives. If someone makes a sincere and mostly educated effort, even if it's small, then we're all a tiny bit better off than we otherwise would be and that's something worth celebrating. Belittling other people in their ethical efforts does no one any good. And really, it takes all different kinds of people to keep life interesting. Much of what any one person does is nonsensical, but that needs to be okay because it's not changing hehe.

    We'll each get where we're going.

    I believe that eating meat is a primary act of violence against oneself and that particular animal, and this psychological experience causes some small amounts of harm to the one consuming the meat. A lot of death and suffering goes into that wheat, and ignorance of this is not going to protect us from the harm we indirectly cause by eating it; this is true. But removing oneself from the process in some ways can keep a bit of the blood (as a psychological experience) off of their own hands, and some people that are sensitive to suffering may find this makes them better able to tackle other issues in their lives.

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