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Thread: Help with Converting a CWer

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    Help with Converting a CWer

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    I need help with presenting info to my aunt. She is a physical therapist in her 50s experiencing some multi systemic health issues. She is open to my suggestions but is also skeptical due to a career of her conventional wisdom training. Are there some free studies available to help me support my arguement?

    Primal prevents heart disease
    Primal prevents cancer
    Primal prevents autoimmune diseases

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    I think the most convincing thing I've had at my disposal for academics is good calories bad calories. If she doesn't want to read the book, she can watch him summarize it at a berkeley presentation. Unfortunately the video is broken up into 10 parts, and it totals over an hour, but it's good info and obviously much faster than reading the book.

    The Fat Head movie is also excellent, but I find it not as convincing for people who have already made up their minds.

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