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    Fiber Supplementation

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    Lower GI issues run in my family, and unfortunately I got saddled with a bout of Diverticulitis at the ripe ol' age of 24 last year and had to have about a foot of my colon removed.

    I'm healthy as a damn horse now, but it was repeatedly hammered into me that I need fiber to keep things moving normally now. My fiber is averaging 12 - 18 grams a day and I would like it to be somewhat higher.

    Am I being silly for considering adding Benefiber to my morning coffee?

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    no, not silly.. :-) but, I wonder if a product called nutracleanse might be a better, natural alternative. Google it and see .... it's ground flax, dandelion root, and phsyllium, I believe. I use it now and then...1/3 cup has 19 grams of fiber.

    Too much fiber isn't a good thing it inhibts nutrient absorbtion but that is from grain fibre...this amazing nutracleanse product isn't the same. You could sprinkle it on whatever or just drink it in some water. Just a thought.... :-)

    Also, add more fiber rich veggies to your life..... LOTS of them... food process them into rice size bits and add to all of your meals...cauliflower, brocoli, red peppers....

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    mmmmmmmm, organic milled flaxseed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivvin View Post
    Am I being silly for considering adding Benefiber to my morning coffee?
    I am not sure that Fiber is actually useful for the body, unless it gets digested by the bacteria to provide Short Chain Fatty Acids.
    If you have trouble with your motions, its definitely a problem with your gut flora. It has nothing to do with fiber. You do need fiber to maintain the gut flora though.

    Look into pro and prebiotics. The best is to prepare some kimchi, kamboocha, kaanji, or pickles.

    Magnesium supplementation helps.

    Staying away from anything that damages your gut, also helps, like insoluble fiber. Avoid insoluble fiber as much as possible. Check your supplements if they contain insoluble fibers. If you are here, you must be avoiding whole grains, I hope, they are excellent sources of insoluble fiber.

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