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Thread: Would I lie to you?? Maybe I should....

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    Would I lie to you?? Maybe I should....

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    Some days afters hearing "your weird, you don't eat grains, bread, beans, fiber, sugar...what's wrong with you?" I start to think wouldn't it be easier to just say I'm "Lactose intolerant, allergic to peanuts, must eat gluten free products, and diabetic (I think that's right for sugar)". But honestly wouldn't that be easier because now they would just go "oh that's too bad for you you can't eat all of these great things"...if you can't change their mind and show them the light then treat them like mushrooms...keep 'em in the dark and feed them full of bull@#$%!!

    So would you do it, would you lie to go Primal??

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    Sometimes that can bite you in the ass, though. I used to tell people I was diabetic so I could low-carb in peace. Then I became diabetic. But, yes - I'd still totally lie. 'I'm allergic to it', is one of my favorites.
    I do have very legitimate reasons for avoiding some of the foods I do, and I will use that when needed. I will lie, too. I will also just say something like 'I don't eat that shit!' if I'm feeling particularly feisty.
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    Yes, lying is good.

    Especially to girls.

    To get them in the sack.

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    +1 for lying. Lying is great. Without lying life would be unbearable.
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    I just simply say "I can't eat ___________." Usually it's followed with "Oh, ok" or "Why not?" If I get the "Why not?" I simply say it upsets my stomach (which it does) or wreaks havoc with my insulin (which it does.) After that, no more explanations needed.

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    I tell them the truth: My stomach doesn't handle grains very well. If they want me to eat it afterwards (and they're old enough to understand,) they can suck a giant Roman candle (It's almost Independence Day. I've got fireworks on the brain.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoodoo68 View Post
    if you can't change their mind and show them the light then treat them like mushrooms...keep 'em in the dark and feed them full of bull@#$%!!
    Awesome Line!

    For me it depends on who they are...

    A wait-person I'll usually say I'm allergic so they approach it with some level of seriousness and actually try to keep crap out of my food...

    if it is family or friends and I may be around them more frequently I tell the truth... you don't want to build close relationships on bullshit... ... I'm also very careful to set proper precedence... if going to a friends cookout or something for the 'first time since going Primal' I am extra strict so everyone knows from then on I'm firm on my decisions... then if/when I cheat it is my choice and I'm not forced into it for any reason...

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    For me, it's not a lie to say I'm allergic to it. In some ways, I admit being allergic to wheat and gluten makes it easier to stay on track, because if I slip up, I pay for it with pain and illness for several days and almost immediately following the slipup. But lying is a good idea if people won't stop pushing.
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    Anyone heard of the Radical Honesty Movement?

    The easiest way out for me is saying I have blood sugar issues and don't tolerate gluten very well.
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    Never heard of the movement but read the whole article SS. I pretty sure you'd end up in some physical confrontations fairly often if you lived that way.

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