Hey all

All my life I could eat whatever I wanted without issue. Even the junkiest of junk food never caused me any pain. I just turned 29, and for the past month or so, I've been having some pretty strong stomach cramps after eating certain foods. The pain starts around 20-30 mins after eating and at its worst has lasted for 5 hours, never less than 3. I'm testing out different foods to find the culprit. So far, the 2 worst cases happened after eating pineapple, about a cup's worth, and ONE banana (on separate occasions) I should mention that those are the only things I ate and was on an empty stomach both times. In the past, bananas would make me go to the bathroom faster, but never cause any pain or discomfort.

Other foods I've noticed caused discomfort, though much milder than the pineapple or banana incidents: kale (lacinato, in case it matters), mixed berries in kefir (couldn't even finish it), spinach and/or cauliflower (had both in one meal)

and that's all that's coming to mind.

foods I tried to see what would happen and nothing did: white rice, black beans, a quarter of a melon, an apple.


My diet is about 80% primal, kinda low-carb ish (especially lately that I'm starting to get scurred of veggies) but not so much. I have rice or potatoes at least once a week when visiting my parents, but generally when I cook for myself I make protein and fat a priority and round up some low-carb veggies to go with it. I do make some potatoes or sweet potato puree for myself about once every two weeks (and I'll have that for a few meals) so I wouldn't consider myself VLC, but definitely less carb than "normal" people.

My homeboy Chocotaco told me to maybe up the carbs, I'm okay with that because they're delicious, but I want to get other opinions.

I'm also planning on going to a doctor soon if the issue persists, and I still plan on eating certain foods daily to see what is causing it. I'm taking a probiotic and eating saurkraut, drinking kefir and stuff to see if it's a microbe issue or what...

Thanks for the feedback!