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Thread: No refrigeration, portable snacks that taste good and aren't jerky?

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    No refrigeration, portable snacks that taste good and aren't jerky?

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    I have a (bad) habit of leaving the house thinking that I'll be back home by the time I get hungry again. But the best laid plans, yada yada, and I end up famished while out. It's not always easy or practical to just "stop in" at a store to grab a snack (I am usually toting three kids aged 5 and under... just dealing with the car seats is a nightmare). By the time I get home, I end up inhaling whatever I'm (at this point) craving, and it's usually quick-energy carbs like my kids' goldfish crackers.

    I'd like to just carry a snack in my bag that I can default to in these situations so I don't arrive home famished. But I'm not a big fan of fruit (don't like Larabars), nuts, or beef jerky. Any other suggestions? The only thing I can think of is primal Slim-Jim style meat sticks, but I was hoping for other ideas, too.

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    Whenever in doubt: Pre-cooked strips of bacon - oh, delicious bacon!!! Holds up without refrigeration for a whole day and always hits the spot.

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    Pork rinds.

    Or a small bottle of quality olive oil. Take a swig and follow with lots of water.

    Both need to eaten BEFORE you are ready to bonk - but the high fat content will keep you going for a few hours at least.

    Personally, I keep walnuts on me - eat 10 with a huge drink if I feel a bonk coming on. Works like a charm if you are efficient at fat burning.


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    If you don't like beef jerky you can always try pork jerky or turkey jerky. KRAVE makes a couple nitrate/sulfate-free varieties. I have also seen uncured pre-cooked bacon at stores, too.
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    Dried fruit/coconut

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    I have friend that keeps a cooked sweet potato on hand. I recently took cooked red potatoes with salt with me on a long drive, also had some good salami, cheese and apples. The potatoes were surprisingly good and satisfying on their own.
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    String cheese is fine outta the fridge for hourrrrs.

    Will it get wobbly and sweat a bit? Sure it will, but it will NOT go bad.

    Also, boiled eggs, I have found, don't need to be refrigerated constantly.

    I bring a couple to work, put them in my desk drawer at 8am (if i put them in the
    fridge, someone will eat them!) and then eat them around 1. They're room temp, but
    I don't care. At least they don't freeze my front teeth that way.

    Anyway, never gotten sick from eating either un-refrigerated.

    If you were skurred, you could always get a little personal cooler to put in your
    car with some ice packs. Then you could bring anything! Premade tuna, leftovers
    from the night before, a little salad with a little meat...etc.

    Good luck!


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    Paleo candy, but I don't know how well this would hold up in a hot car:

    This recipe makes 36 truffles, and you’ll need:

    •10 ounces dark chocolate, 70% cacao content or higher
    •3 tablespoons coconut oil
    •1 cup full-fat coconut milk
    •1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    •½ cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut and/or ½ cup unsweetened cocoa

    Nom Nom Chocolate Truffles | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo

    More coconut, from Trader Joes:

    If you can deal with carbs: here is my go-to cheat. They are made with lard, and they are very satisfying.

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    I'm putting a can opener in my van the next time I go shopping. We're gonna be the weirdos eating salmon out of a can at the park. I can't keep bacon or prosciutto stocked enough to take out and about.

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    Messy sure, but a can of Sardines is good. Keep napkins and fork handy. Previously mentioned hard boiled eggs, which if prepared properly last a very long time. Basically after cooking don't cool in unsterile water as the egg can suck in the bacteria.

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