So in case anyone is lurking and would like further 'medical' proof that eating primal does not blow up your cholesterol levels and such thought I would share my latest lab results. I have kept my carbs low and my fats high for over 6 years now. I was officially primal for about 6 weeks when this bloodwork was drawn, but that was not a big difference in what I was eating for the last few this is a good long term result.

Labwork 5/25/10
Total Cholesterol 208 mg/dL (under 200 recommended)
LDL 109 mg/dL (under 130 recommended)
Triglycerides 46 mg/dL (female under 100 recommended)
HDL 90 mg/dL (greater then 40 recommended)

My ratio looks great, HDL is very good

Glucose (fasted) 87
Vit D 51.0 ng/dL (20-100 recommended, but doc would like me to get this up more)

My Vit D was almost half that last year, so I have done well with mild supplementation and more sun exposure...will continue that and try to be more consistent.

(I was going to list last years overall labs, but they were very similar)

I have eaten an average of 2-3 eggs a day for years now, bacon, raw milk, cream, butter, more butter, coconut oil, LOTS of red meat (I love steak), avocado, nuts, cheese, etc etc. I eat organic, pastured when I can, and a lot of my meat consumption is wild game. I eat lots of green veggies, avoid the starchy ones, and very little fruit (sugar in any form does not do me well). My exercise levels are anywhere from 0-4 days a week depending on my mood, I would not call myself overly active by any means but I do stay moving.

I am not the perfect example because I have never had major cholesterol problems, but for me it has not created any problems. Going primal was not a giant step, I was already low carb and gluten free, but removing grains 100% has really taken my health and energy to the next level the last few months. I have a long history of chronic muscle pain, chronic fatigue, interstitial cystitis, skin problems...blah blah blah. Most of that is now history through diet and mental changes over the years, and if anything is still lingering it is very very minor. Adding in healthy fats, dropping out sugars and grains have been by far the BEST thing I could have ever done. Finding the primal lifestyle really helped me understand why this all worked over the years.

In case that helps anyone worried about cholesterol, take that for what it is worth