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Thread: Lab Results

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    That is just awesome!!! i finally convinced my folks to give PB a try and dad was concerned about his labs, so is it ok if I forward your post to him?
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    Egoldstein - I was in really bad shape when I eliminated gluten, and when I removed it I removed a lot of carbs at the same time just by the pure nature of going gluten free. I spent about 3-4 weeks in 'detox' mode or carb flu or a combo, and from there I gradually improved. Maybe 6 weeks before I was really noticing a difference. What happened for me was I started noticing more 'not so bad days', and less 'super terrible days'. It wasn't like I woke up feeling awesome, I just woke up feeling less like I was dying more often...LOL.

    I went BACK on gluten for celiac testing (negative), and THEN I noticed how much I fell apart again while on gluten and it became obvious how much I had actually improved. It took me a couple years to gradually wean myself off a high carb diet to low carb gluten free home cooked diet consistently. I fought the transition and was doing a lot of experimenting. My estimate if I had TRULY stuck to an under 50g of carb diet with no grains 100%.....I probably would be at the point I am now in say 9-12 months instead of years. Its hard to say, I had a lot of digestion problems which probably means nutrition deficits...but I think I could have super sped up the process if I had been more consistent and diligent. Sometimes the internet is dangerous and it becomes hard to focus with ALL the information out there.

    Spinner - Feel free to share. If you do a search there are a few lab results in the forum you could gather and send along

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