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    I judge your shopping cart

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    It's terrible, I think I'm a pretty friendly person but I can't help it. I just get so damn smug when I go shopping now. Like yesterday, lady walked by with a cart packed with low-fat, low-cal, low-happiness things pretending to be food and I was so happy I had the good sense to just pick up the bacon. I do feel bad for people most of the time, a lot of it is misinformation. We have had decades of being told the wrong thing and so many people don't feel they need to research things on their own and that is sad. The worst cart I ever saw was nothing but little microwaveable chicken pot pies, literally dozens and dozens of them.

    However, every great now and then I pass someone with a healthy (or mostly healthy) food and I get happy, yes, you know it too. I feel like I want to go up and greet them sometimes, "I see you with your cart of real food, hail thou bold fellow and bon appitite!"
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    Ha! I do the same thing. I also look in other people's carts for something yummy I might not have tried/didn't know the store had. :-)

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    I always chuckle at the Mommy with a toddler in the cart and two older kids trailing behind. Her cart is full of macaroni and cheese, peanut butter crunch cereal, pop tarts, soda pop, etc..... and.... a case of beer. Then I want to run to my grown-up daughter and apologize to her for feeding her all that crap when she was little and beg her not to feed it to my granddaughter.

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    I've ALWAYS judged people by their shopping carts, just now for different reasons. I also look at the Parents a kids to see which one they look like. Looks like Mom? Looks like Dad? Looks like neither?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaleoPenn View Post
    I also look at the Parents a kids to see which one they look like. Looks like Mom? Looks like Dad? Looks like neither?
    I can't help doing this when I see little redheaded children. I think they are so cute and i always look to see which parent they got it from. One time it was both parents

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    @Cavebug, agree, this is about misinformation. Maybe those folks with trolleys filled with processed and non-foods are subliminally inspired by seeing peeps such as yourself making wise choices?

    It's tempting to judge, and yet I prefer not to judge, that was me once -buying cr*p. When I got educated about nutrition, I used to be judgemental of this type of thing, but it kept me separate from others and prevented me from caring about them. Had a few rough knocks in recent times that have humbled me, I guess it needed to happen

    I'm grateful and relieved that I know what to buy to create and maintain health, and I wish this for others too. May all be happy and well and be guided to make wise food choices.
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