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    Do you drain the beef?

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    Just curious. I've stopped draining the fat from my ground beef lately and sometimes it's fine but other times my recipes are just swimming in grease. Yuck. Is there anything in the fat that is worth keeping it for? (other that the fat itself, I get plenty of that) I guess I'm thinking that some vitamins might be fat soluble or the CLA is in the fat and I'd be dumping it down the drain...
    What do you guys think?

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    I drain it into a paper towel in a can or an empty nut butter jar if there is a lot, or if it's store bought beef. If I'm making something with a cream sauce, I'll drain it, save it, whisk it into whatever sauce/gravy I'm having. Vit A, D, K are fat soluble, not sure what amount is contained in beef fat though. Not sure if that's the best thing, thats just what I've always done...

    Lard/bacon fat, now, that's a whole 'nother story. That stuff is precious.

    Having said that, I'm a newbie, and still waiting for the PB book to appear in the mailbox.

    *sits back on her heels and watches for other answers.*

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    Most of my meals are the one-pot variety, so I just leave it all in.

    As for bacon grease, I bought some uncured local farm bacon recently. Wow, did it put out some grease volume! I did my usual and fried some eggs in there and poured it all on my plate. Not sure I like them that drippy.

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    I make a point to consume extra beef fat
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    To me, draining away the extra fat is like tossing out the egg yolk from an omega-3 enhanced egg. Bad idea. The sole exception would be if it's CAFO beef with all the antibiotics and other ick that that implies, which would be mostly stored in the fat. But if it's grassfed/organic? Eat the fat!
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    I include the fat most of the time. If I think it will mess up the consistency of the recipe, I pour off and save the fat. (This is all assuming it's good grass-fed stuff.) If you let it solidify in the fridge, you generally get a layer of fat on top of a layer of the other juices from the meat, both of which are easy enough to find uses for. =]

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    "but other times my recipes are just swimming in grease"

    mmm mmmmmm

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    I don't anymore. I also used to take a paper towel to bacon before I ate it. That's enough to cause a lynch mob around these parts.

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    I'm another one pot meal person. I don't drain the grease, and just decrease the amount of other liquids that go in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie82 View Post
    What do you guys think?
    May I bring a spoon?
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