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    Who Benefits From the SAD?

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    As I go through my work day, energetically since mending my ways with PB, I often ponder nutrition and how screwed up it is for the most part.
    I am the maintenance manager for a school and daycare and thus, I often pick up trash that the kids leave about. The daycare gets annual audits by the state and local people and one of the things they monitor is nutrition. We always pass with flying colors.
    Knowing this, I am appalled at the stuff that is considered "nutritious." Those tubes of "yogurt;" chips; Cheez-its; "Trail mix" that consist of mostly M&Ms; the famous juice boxes; etc. And the lunches are as bad or worse. Peaches in syrup. Pizza with dough/crust and inch thick. Chocolate milk. Pudding... I could go on.
    So, who benefits from this? There has got to be some sort of gain in all of this for someone. Nothing is done "just because." If there is money to be made let's go for it.
    It really is criminal how things have gotten. Is this some big, government conspiracy?

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    Agriculture subsidies, members of Congress with ag in their state/district, food processors...need I go on?

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    It's cheap and as long as it's fortified for enough vitamin that no one is getting rickets then they're fine. If anyone is sick, we stick them on pills because how could it be related to what we eat?

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    No conspiracy...just economics.
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    Not government for sure. At least not at the base. It is food industry, oil industry (fertilizer), pesticide companies, drug companies, and I am beginning to have to come to no other conclusion doctors themselves. You have to be absolutely incompetent and be a doctor and say don't eat cholesterol when you have to know it is essential and most of it by far is produced by the body. You eat an egg or hopefully eggs and your body produces less.

    So many people benefit financially from our collective bad health. Very little of this orginates with government, it is the industry folk, including the medical industry driving this. I hope most doctors have the decency to puke every night at what they are doing.

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    Agree on economics...

    Grain/soy farmers, grain processing/stocking companies, fertilizer companies, pesticide, seed companies, cereal companies, processed food companies, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, health food stores, doctors, gyms, big parma, hospitals, advertisers, lobbyists, etc., etc.

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    Mostly the food companies...Nabisco, Nestly, big agro, etc. I mean, as Larry said, the pharmaceutical and medical industries too and then it radiates out from there. But I don't think the AMA would protest if the diet you describe was replaced with vegetables. Big food demands it though.

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    ConAgra, Cargill, Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, the AHA, politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the energy industry (gotta put diesel in all the tractors), you could trace the line around forever. Everyone "benefits." You do too, somehow, on some level, if you trace it far enough.
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    The school lunch program originated as a way to use up surplus cheap commodity't and industry working hand in glove and health be damned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharleyGnarlyP290 View Post
    So, who benefits from this? There has got to be some sort of gain in all of this for someone. Nothing is done "just because." If there is money to be made let's go for it.
    Processed foods are profitable in two ways:

    First, it's very cheap to produce large quantities of food from wheat, corn and sugar as the basis. So the margins are great compared to selling individual food components. And the industry is supported by the government in most countries, which all adds up to the profit made.

    Second, sweet and salty processed food tastes good. Kids (and adults) eat it without knowing better. They get accustomed to sugary stuff, some argue that it's addictive even.

    No conspiracy.

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