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Thread: Here I am

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    Here I am

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    My name is Chuck. I'm an old guy with weight issues and a recent Doc's visit that scared me to death. Basically he told me to lose weight of I would wake up on the brown side of my lawn some day soon. About 20 years ago I tried running and was up to about 30 miles a week before developing a stress fracture that was pretty painful. During that run I went from 250 lbs to 193 lbs but could never break that barrier. I also never changed my diet of everything bad you can think of.

    So now, at 64 I am 8 days into total primal with an eight tenths walk every morning prior to sunrise. Just bought a scale and Heart Monitor so to keep tabs on the progress. I will give myself two weeks at 8 tenths and then begin to expand that distance as I feel comfortable. I am amazed that I am not hungry in the least and can fast some as well. (only one day so far with some nuts for a cheat)...

    I hope this effort sticks because I may not get many more opportunities! So far so good. Best, Chas
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    Good luck! You may have some low energy days (I did) as your body makes some adjustments but give yourself some grace to rest and get through it. You may even feel like a completely deflated balloon! Be gentle with yourself at first. Then get up the next day and get back on the trail!

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