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Thread: Craving fruit - help!

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    Craving fruit - help!

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    I'm trying to stay under 50g of carbs and shift my excess BF. Prior to going primal I ate a lot of fresh fruit / fruit yoghurts each day and finding not eating them hard going at times.

    Can anyone recommend anything?


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    I hear yah! I had a very hard time cutting them out at first. It even brought me to tears at one point! Now, instead, I eat coconut cream, since it is sweet yet low in carbs. I eat just as much as I need to feel satisfied. You really only need a little bit. I keep it in the fridge to stay thick then add some vanilla bean powder or cocoa powder or both. It's like a pudding. I've found that it wakes me up a little and gives me some energy too.

    Hope that helps!

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    Go for low carb fruits (that most people think are vegetables) like tomatoes and avocados. And have raw red pepper strips, cucumber slices, sugar snap peas instead of fruit. This was a big shift for me,and I still have fruit everyday, but now only after lunch or dinner and a serving is like 2 strawberries or 1/4 of an apple. Also, put lemon slices in your water.

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    Thanks for the great ideas I will try the cream and the veggies

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    I agree with Egoldstein that if you want to eat fruit, you should, but just decrease your portions and/or frequency.

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    I dunno, I stick with low sugar fruit like strawberries. At least ones I'm getting don't have much sugar in them. Much more tart then sweet.

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    I picked a bunch of strawberries (11 pounds!) on Sunday and made some popsicles (10 total, poured into empty plastic Jell-o cups) with 1 cup mashed strawberries and a can of coconut milk. I've done it before with raspberries and find it makes a great treat that satisfies those sugar cravings. Plus they've got 5g of sugar each. (edit - DailyPlate tells me it's only 2.5g)

    I find a food scale helps me control my sugary fruit portions as well. I just measure them out before I sit down to eat them or put it in a baggie to take with me.
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    Try the tips i included in this article : A few tips for sugar cravings

    Obviously, the peaches tip here would not apply but, the other two tips might work good.
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    Thanks all. I tend to prefer tart fruits anyway. usually its cherry yoghurt and blueberries with occasional mango if i could get it unripe enough

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